An NYPD officer who was accused of using "potentially deadly force" while beating and shoving a 24-year-old art student for urinating on a building in 2012 has been docked 10 vacation days, after the Civilian Complaint Review Board found the cop violated police rules.

The officer, Keith Dsouza, was caught on video shoving Ryan Scails, a then 24-year-old student at Pratt Institute, into a wall in Red Hook on the night of July 4th, 2012. Scails had been at drinking with friends in Prospect Park and in Red Hook earlier that night and stopped to relieve himself on his way home. Dsouza and his partner arrested him.

Scails maintained that in addition to shoving him, Dsouza repeatedly beat him in the head with his baton; he required stitches on his leg and behind his ear after the incident. He was charged with resisting arrest, public urination and disorderly conduct, all of which were dropped. "I felt violated,” he told the Daily News in 2014. “I still do."

Last July, a prosecutor with the city's Civilian Complaint Review Board found that Dsouza used potentially "deadly physical force" against Scails, now 27, and that neither officer faced a threat of violence from Scails. The Daily News reports that Dsouza has been docked 10 vacation days, three more than the CCRB's prosecutor initially recommended.

Scails has filed a federal lawsuit that is currently pending.