2005_12_cameron.jpgThe NY Times was able to interview Allan Cameron, the main suspect in the killing of police officer Dillon Stewart, with Cameron saying that the police actually fired the shot that killed Stewart. The NYPD immediately told the Times that the interview was "self-serving" and that police back-up only came after the shooting, which happened when officer Stewart and his partner stopped Cameron's car in Flatbush. Cameron, for his part, claimed many things:

- That he accepted the interview with Times reporter Corey Kilgannon because he didn't have any other visitors
- That police beat him when he was apprehended
- That he didn't even have a gun because he was tall
- That he smokes a lot of pot - "I smoke weed morning till night, like everyone in the ghetto. I'm Jamaican. We don't use those other fancy drugs."

Reverend Al Sharpton went to pay his respects to officer Stewart at Brooklyn's 70th Precinct, the very station where Abner Louima was abused. Police say that Cameron went to his girlfriend's apartment after the shooting and took a nap. The NYPD posthumously made Stewart a detective, which means a "$21,200 bump in the late officer's salary and ensures that his widow...will receive an estimated $80,000 annual pension." And NY and Philadelphia authorities are continuing to look at why Cameron was even free.