2005_11_policewaiting.jpgAllan Cameron, the man who shot police officer Dillon Stewart Monday morning during a traffic stop, was arraigned for Stewart's murder amongst other charges. It turns out that Stewart had 53 nickel bags of marijuana in his car when he was pulled over, as well as being the guy who shot a police officer earlier in the mornth. And, with his past run-ins with the law, the NYPD and Philadelphia police are now arguing and pointing fingers at who could have jailed him first. With two arrests in NYC and one in Phildelphia in early 2003, Philadelphia officials say that they asked the NYPD to arrest Cameron during a December 2003 court date - but he left the court, as the paperwork may have been lost in the shuffle - as the NYPD says that the Philly paperwork may have been incomplete. At this point, Cameron has denied shooting Stewart, though apologizing to television cameras during a perp walk, and it's unclear whether or not there was a second person in his car.

The Daily News looks at the Glock 9MM used to kill Stewart, finding out that it was used in another shooting this year. And it turns out that Cameron's girlfriend wiped down his gun when he ran to her apartment after the shooting. Many police officers attended Cameron's arraignment in honor of Stewart.

Photograph of police officers during the arraignment from Newsday