In May, Police Officer Carlos Olmedo and a partner were chasing after stolen car suspects in Bensonhurst. While running at 20th Avenue and 84th Street, a motorcyclist struck Olmedo, gravely injuring him. Now, after two months in the hospital (a month of the time in a coma), Olmedo returned home and visited his Brooklyn precincthouse. He said, "It's very great to be here, and it's very great to see that many people missed me."

The Daily News reports, "After brain surgery and a procedure to repair a shattered ankle, Olmedo has difficulty walking, his speech is slurred slightly and he has some memory loss." Also, part of his skull is missing: It's being preserved into his stomach tissue until doctors reattach it later (photo).

The motorcyclist, who was also injured in the crash, was not charged with a crime. However, two of the stolen car suspects, Sefer Mujo and Tiku Qoko, were charged with assaulting a police officer. The third, Mario Koruni, was not charged and is currently in prison for an unrelated robbery charge.