Five years ago we were pleased to bring your attention to video footage of an NYPD officer getting his bump-n-grind on with vibrantly-dressed dancers at Brooklyn's West Indian Day parade. Video of the daggering cop, identified as detective Gregory Gordon, went semi-viral. Most of us thought it was some innocuous horsing around—after all there's an established precedent for NYPDaggering, and community policing has got to start somewhere, right?

But now it appears that Gordon is actually a racist, transphobic Trump supporter who has no problem dancing with black women at a parade, and then going on to write that Mayor de Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray is a "crack addict" who shouldn't weigh in on police conduct.

The Daily News published multiple screenshots of Gordon's personal Facebook profile late last month, exposing a pattern of bigoted posts that take aim at numerous minority groups. In one vitriolic status update, the detective voices his anger at Mayor de Blasio's wife for allegedly commenting on NYPD policy. "Explain to me a time when a mayor's wife has ever been able to weigh in on police related topics ever before? Who cares what this former crack addict says!" Gordon wrote.

(It's worth pointing out that Gordon posted the status the day after the Post ran a "report" alleging that McCray claimed Commissioner Bill Bratton couldn't be trusted. That report has been disputed by McCray and others.)

Gordon's racism isn't specific to the Mayor's wife. In 2015 he posted a status saying "So now the latest complaint is there aren’t enough African-Americans nominated for Oscars? Tell me again how there’s [no] White Entertainment Television Channel? But BET is ok?"

In other posts, Gordon criticized transgender-tolerant bathroom laws ("Are you fucking kidding me? If you have a dick, you belong in the men’s room. Way to go de Blasio") and posited that men named Mohammed were likely to carry out terrorist attacks. However, Gordon's criticism of Bratton for not allowing Trump to speak at a precinct roll call has garnered special attention and a response from the Commissioner himself.

“If this is true, Bratts can take our medals and shove them up his A$$,” Gordon wrote of the alleged Trump snub. Bratton told the News he was "very disturbed" by the posts, and stated that any medals Gordon received while on the force would be revoked.

“If he feels so dishonored as a member of the New York City police department, we will help him continue to make a fool of himself," Bratton said of Gordon. The Post reports that Gordon is now being "looked at" by his police superiors.