A police officer who was fired for running an internet message board where officers could complain about the NYPD is now looking to take the NYPD to court. Edward Polstein, who had been on the force for 18 years, ran NYPD Rant, which, as Newsday put it, "can be at turns racist, raunchy, misogynistic and comical" as well as "offer unedited, first-hand accounts of what goes on behind the scenes in the NYPD." The Daily News notes some choice NYPD Rants, plus mentions that there were pictures of Hitler and the Nazis (Polstein complained the NYPD was run like the Nazi Paty) and a picture of Commissioner Raymond Kelly that would morph into Popeye! Not mention bringing in various weapons into police headquarters to show how easy it was to smuggle in concealed weapons. In other words, this is something the NYPD really doesn't want to be involved with. What's at stake is the resignation agreement that Polstein signed: He agreed to resign with an annual pension of $23,000, with the stipulation that "he never sue or attempt to gain reinstatement to the police department." But then a medical board found that Polstein should actually received $60,000 annually in disability pension, because of an on-the-job injury. Polstein naturally tried to get the higher pension, and then the NYPD said that violated the earlier agreement and then officially "terminated" him.

And Polstein was clearly dooced.

Photograph from the NY Daily News