A police officer shot and killed a suspect who allegedly aimed a 9mm Kel-Tec semi-automatic at two cops last night on the edge of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. According to police, the suspect had fled from a car that the police pulled over.

The NYPD tells us that around 10 p.m. last night, an undercover officer was propositioned by a group of four individuals in a car near Huntington and Henry Streets in Red Hook. When the cop pulled over the car, one man fled and two police officers—part of the NYPD's "Losing Proposition" operation—pursued him. After a struggle, the suspect allegedly withdrew his gun and aimed at the officers, and one of them shot him in the head, killing him at the scene (West 9th and Hamilton Avenue).

The police, who recovered a gun, also took the three other people in for questioning. The investigation is continuing. The suspect's name has not been released.