A number of people were injured when a police cruiser crashed into a car and then headed into people on a sidewalk in the East Village. The incident occurred on Avenue D: According to WCBS 2, "the police car was traveling at a high rate of speed northbound." The Post reports the "cop car, which was traveling in the wrong lane while apparently on a chase, smashed into a white Cadillac making a right turn at Avenue D and Fifth street. Then the cruiser went on the sidewalk and hit a building—and some people. The cruiser was also traveling very fast, perhaps chasing another vehicle—one witness told the Post that three people plus a baby were sent flying by the impact, "The baby was in the stroller and it flew up in the air. The baby landed under the police car. The mother was panicking holding the baby. She was in shock." Another witness said he didn't hear a siren while a third said, "The problem is they were going so damn fast. These guys were going 55 miles an hour."