Officer Felix Recio may attempt to extract what 11,386,708 YouTube views couldn't: money from "internet mogul" and boyfriend to the pretend stars Julien Chabbot, who allegedly ran over Recio's foot with his $256K Ferrari last month. The cop has hired "nightlife attorney" Salvatore Strazzullo, who is considering a $10 million lawsuit against Chabbott. "Chabbott clearly had no regard for Officer Recio’s life. Hitting him with his Ferrari could have caused serious injuries or death," Strazzullo told Page 6, presumably adding, "Hey, didja see me in the Times this weekend?"

Strazzullo also wants to upgrade Chabbott's charge of felony assault to first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, as well as driving while douchey to Operating A Penile Compensatory Vehicle With Extreme Disregard For Innocent Lives.

“I was left with a swollen foot and bruising," Officer Recio said, "But I believe he deliberately drove towards me with an intent to hurt me. I am suing for personal injury while the criminal charges are ongoing. I have not been able to work since this happened.” Too bad, officer: real jobs help people find out how long the line is at Starbucks and don't involve walking or "serving" or "protecting."

Chabbott's attorney Ben Brafman says he isn't aware of any impending civil suit: "Indeed, I would be shocked if a $10 million lawsuit is in fact being contemplated given the fact that we have developed information to the effect that the officer in question appears to have suffered no injury whatsoever."