2008_10_COPROB.jpgPolice officer Jorge H. Arbaje-Diaz was arrested for his alleged involvement in a "brazen drug robbery gang, which stole more than $4 million in dirty narcotics money from dealers up and down the East Coast," according to the Post. Prosecutors say the gang had a haul of 750 kilos of cocaine; the Daily News reports that Arbaje-Davis, a three-year NYPD veteran, "used his job to enter the homes of some victims, and in one case participated in an armed robbery while wearing his NYPD uniform, badge, gun and handcuffs." The indictment also says he "threaten[ed] to arrest them if they did not reveal where their drugs and money were stored." Additionally, another retired NYPD may have also been part of the gang which "kidnapped and sexually tortured some of their victims."