2008_12_qnsbl.jpgThe Queens DA's officer announced that a cop faces assault charges after beating a pedestrian who was crossing Queens Boulevard. Last month, Geoffrey Hollinden was crossing the treacherous 12-lane road at 109th Street when, the NY Times reports, a car driven by off-duty narcotics cop Jamel Dennis nearly hit him. "Hollinden pounded on the car... as it passed," then Dennis got of his car and "dragged [Hollinden] to the boulevard’s service road, lifted him to shoulder height and slammed him to the ground, knocking him unconscious." Hollinden was hospitalized for days, with injuries including cranial bleeding and herniated disc. An eyewitness had copied the car's license plate number, but Dennis had claimed he was pushed in a dispute (when asked for a comment, he just said, "That's their side of the story"). Other off-duty cop road rage incidents: In August, two were charged with gang assault and, last year, one fatally shot a man. Photo: Stephen Sandoval/PursueBliss.com on Flickr