As much as we gripe about cop cars blocking bike lanes, we can't really object to these two—they're in love! Honestly, who could fault these helpless romantics for succumbing to their unbridled amore: it's spring, a time when every cop car's thoughts turn to... other cop cars. This precious stolen kiss was documented by Joseph Kolker, who says he spotted them on Wednesday night on Bedford Avenue in Northern Flatbush. We believe he took the photo right after one of the cars turned to him and yelled, "Take a picture why don't you, it'll last longer."

"As is also clear from the photo, there were actually spaces available," notes Kolker. But hey, when your muffler is rumbling and your engine is overheating, who wants to waste time looking for legal parking? We wish these kids the best, and just hope they used protection, because the last thing we need are a bunch of baby cop cars blocking the bike lanes.