2008_11_diehard.jpgA Canadian woman in a custody battle in her home country tried to pull the ultimate trump card in the fight for her children: submitting documents that their father was on a terrorist watch list here in the US. What she didn't think of was that authorities might be curious to know just where she got the terrorist list she presented from. It also might have helped if she had double-checked that her friend who had passed along that information from the National Crime Information Center computers actually had proper access to it in the first place. Instead federal authorities have arrested her friend, Haytham Khalil--an eight-year NYPD vet--for hacking into e-Justice, the state database where he illegally obtained the terrorist list. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police tipped off the NYPD who then traced the computer Khalil had used. Khalil got into to the list by asking a departing officer who had access to it for his password. That officer was not named but has been disciplined, but Khalil was suspended without pay and faces a fine of up to $100,000.