A 15-year veteran of the NYPD now faces federal robbery charges for allegedly scheming to steal nearly $1 million in cash rumored to be hidden in the former apartment of a drug dealer. Shawn Jenkins, 41, a highway safety officer, had apparently worked as a bodyguard for a drug dealer who was deported to the Dominican Republic. The drug dealer told him where the money was—in an Upper West Side apartment—and wanted him to give some of the money to his mother. The Daily News reports, "The problem was Jenkins needed help getting into the apartment, so he wanted the informant to help him serve an official-looking summons on the current tenant and zap him with a stun gun." Jenkins was arrested early yesterday morning in Washington Heights (he apparently "had a hand-scrawled floor plan supplied by the dealer"); his bail was set at $200,000. The tenant also told the authorities the apartment had been repeatedly robbed, probably by people suspecting there might be a booty hidden away; one time, a burglar "ripped up the floorboards while the tenant was on vacation."