Remember back in May when an off-duty police officer was cuffed and arrested at Citi Field after he moved to a better seat? Well, 30-year-old Eduardo Cornejo won't be doing that totally common baseball practice again. In fact, he's been banned from the stadium for the next year!

After pleading guilty today, Cornejo was sentenced to a conditional discharge by a Queens judge, as long as he pays $120 in fines, does three days of community service and stays far away from Citi Field for the next year. Justice! Or is it?

As we noted when the incident occurred, this is a ridiculous overreaction to something that happens daily. Yes, when asked to move Cornejo should have done just that, but come on! The May 16 Mets/Reds game in question was already nearly over when the incident occurred (Cornejo was busted around 9:30 p.m., the game started at 7:10 p.m.) and anyway Citi Field was only 53.9% full!