A cop was arrested on Sunday for allegedly leaking information about an impending Bronx gang raid to a woman he was seeing, whom he met while on duty. Adam Malki, 24, was researching gang members on Facebook when he came across one of their girlfriends and thought she was "hot," the New York Post reported. He reportedly met her in uniform at a hookah bar in Highbridge, and they started dating.

Malki allegedly told the woman that she might be arrested as part of an investigation that in March led to the indictment of 84 alleged members of the crews Eden Boys, Miami Ave., UGZ, and RGZ, active in Tremont, Highbridge, and Fordham.

Police arrested Malki on Sunday and charged him with official misconduct, a misdemeanor punishable by as much as a year in prison. He has been suspended from the NYPD without pay.

His mother told the Daily News that the charge is bogus.

"The girl is not telling the truth. When he asked her if she was in the gang, she said she wasn’t. He didn’t know it when they started going out," she said. "I don’t believe this."

Malki then kicked the tabloid's reporter off of the premises.