A Newark cop has been accused of tricking a drunk driver into giving him his pickup truck so the officer could use it to ram his estranged wife's car. Officer Enrique Gonzalez has been charged with criminal mischief and receiving stolen property—police say the pickup driver thought he had lucked out when the uniformed officer, who was off-duty at the time, told him to pickup the car later: "He says, ‘Okay, I’m not going to arrest you. Park your car here. I’m going to leave the keys in the tailpipe. Come back and get the car when you’re sober,’" Police Director Samuel DeMaio said. The driver "comes back several hours later and finds the car gone."

Instead, police say Gonzalez took the Ford F-450 and drove to pummel his wife's 2011 Hyundai. He almost was stopped before he could do that: on the way there, he was pulled over by Elmwood Park police for erratic driving. "He said he was late for work, he apologizes, and they let him go," DeMaio said. Gonzalez then completed his mission, ramming the Hyundai and also damaging a Buick which was parked next to it. DeMaio said the six-year Newark veteran then informed local police that some unidentified person had inflicted the damage. "The officer subsequently tried to make an accident report at the Garfield Police Department on behalf of his wife’s vehicle," DeMaio said.

His plot was quickly found out though when the truck driver reported it stolen, and Gonzalez "allegedly copped an attitude when he made his report." If only Officer Gonzalez had confiscated some spoiled eggs or defective toilet paper, things may have turned out differently.