José Ramos, the NYPD officer whose chatter with drug dealers on tapped phone lines instigated the department's massive ticket-fixing probe, said back in April that he didn't take money for his "professional courtesy." "I haven't taken a dime. I have nothing to worry about," he said. Now, a NYPD source tells the Post that Ramos actually accepted a flatscreen TV among other stolen electronics.

Ramos, a former PBA delegate in the Bronx's 40th Precinct, has been linked to the drug dealer Lee King AKA Marco Mack, who he was reportedly speaking to on wiretaps. Harry Mingo, a neighborhood fixture who was arrested in 2009 for buying $20K worth of laptops and electronics from Radio Shack with bogus credit cards, allegedly gave Ramos the TV and other stolen goods in exchange for a PBA card and Ramos' help with citations.

According to grand jury testimony from the citizens who gave ticket-fixing officers favors, cops also received goodies like Yankees tickets and spaces in the stadium's exclusive box. You'd have to be a fool to accept "a dime!"