Back in May the DEA and NYPD Internal Affairs arrested 30-year-old officer Devon Daniels and accused him of using law enforcement databases to help out a heroin dealer. Now he has been indicted and charged by a Brooklyn federal grand jury with four counts of accessing a computer database without authorization and four counts of lying to federal agents.

On May 15 Daniels was picked up on his way to work after a wiretap showed that he had been working with heroin dealer Guy Curtis, allegedly scoring him an NYPD parking placard and using a national law enforcement database to run searches.

In addition, Daniels is said to have used mobile computer terminals in NYPD cruisers to run registration checks, and then sent the information he learned to his conspirators. Also, he is said to have checked up people tied to drug trafficking organizations to find out if they were wanted by the police.

The saddest part of this already depressing story? According to investigators it seems that Daniels got very little in payments for his alleged work "because he essentially was helping childhood pals in an act of friendship," they believe. "They were friends from the neighborhood," a source told the Post.

Daniels, who joined the NYPD in 2007 is currently free on bail while awaiting trail and has been suspended without pay by the NYPD.