And the great 2009 hotel war rages on: Over the weekend, we showed you hellish video depicting a cacophonous multi-media roof party at the Thompson LES Hotel, documented by an understandably disgruntled neighbor. Today we're back over to the Cooper Square Hotel, where angry neighbors have been using bullhorns and dirty laundry to fight back at loud-talkers on that hotel's patio.

Last night Cooper Square Hotel developer Matthew Moss got an earful from the East Fifth Street Block Association at a community meeting, during which neighbors castigated him for having "nothing but excuses!" and, according to EV Grieve, Moss "acted at times like a fraternity brother being scolded by his housemother for not picking up his dirty clothes." The kicker: After leaving the contentious meeting, EV Grieve discovered that right across the street, the hotel was hosting a noisy, invitation-only party promoting some $280,000 sports car. (An Aston Martin's DBS Volante.)

One tool in attendance even brought an air horn; how friggin sweet is that? Vanishing New York, who also stumbled upon the fratastic scene, says, "I asked a worker at the party if it was a charity auction. He laughed, 'Charity? There's no charity at the Cooper Square Hotel.'"