Yup, looks like the rumor that the Cooper Square Hotel is going to be sold to the same people who run the Soho and Tribeca Grands is not a rumor. That much was confirmed at last night's relatively short Community Board 3 State Liquor Authority committee meeting (only two and a half hours!).

The hotel deal hasn't been completed yet, so details on the sale were minimal (note that the application lists the Soho Grand as a related entity though). But since the three suited men looking to take over the Cooper Square Hotel's liquor licenses—with all of the many pages and pages of the restrictions put upon it by angry neighbors—were looking to make sure the transfer would be smooth if it occurred over Christmas; it sounds like it could be any day now. Also, when we asked one of the lawyers as he left all he would tell us was it was "very close." Does this mean they'll rename it the Cooper Grand?