A cool cup of fresh brewed justice has been served to the notorious traffic agent who was caught by a Queens councilman speeding through a red light with siren flashing while yakking on his cell phone. You'll recall the classic video that resulted from the encounter last month outside a Dunkin' Donuts, where Officer Daniel Chu was confronted by Council Member Dan Halloran, who had chased Chu after seeing him blow the light. Chu was parked illegally in front of the popular donut destination, but that didn't stop him from writing Halloran a parking ticket after he spotted the councilman photographing the cop car.

Halloran made a big stink about it, and then other Queens residents started coming forward with their own horror stories about Chu, whose nickname is Big Bad Dan. According to Halloran, the complaints about Chu ranged "from funeral processions to pregnant woman to people who have been boxed in even when their time hadn't expired at meters." But the NYPD has finally disciplined Chu, reassigning him to foot patrol, prohibiting him from using a squad car, and forcing him to undergo sensitivity training. He also lost some of his vacation time, CBS 2 reports.

Halloran was further vindicated yesterday when a judge tossed the $165 ticket Chu issued him. "I'm very glad that justice was served and the ticket was dismissed," Halloran tells the Daily News. But Tim Dillon, a former NYPD cop who was a pallbearer at Gleason's Funeral Home when Chu ticketed cars in the funeral procession, thinks the Coolata Cop should lose his job.

"That was just the epitome of lowlife, the way he did that. And the way he spoke to the people, cursing the people, flicking a cigarette at them at a time of sorrow for them," Dillon tells CBS 2. "It's dumbfounding. You just can't understand why someone would want to upset a family that's going though a mourning process."