solar flares from the SOHO satelliteAfter a warm weekend, yesterday was the warmest day in almost a month, we are back to cool weather for the week. Cool, dry conditions should prevail through Wednesday. That'll turn to warmer, more humid weather as the high pressure system that is currently over central Illinois our weather moves to our east. Although the reservoirs are full, we haven't had a substantial rainfall in a couple of weeks.

Did anyone experience an unusual disruption to their cell phone service or radio reception over the weekend? You might expect more today. A huge solar flare, pictured above, was observed on Friday causing a geomagnetic storm that is likely to mess up our magnetic field. The geomagnetic storm produced magnificent aurora, or northern lights, as far south as Texas and Arizona on Saturday night. Gothamist didn't notice any, did you?

Just a reminder, this week is hurricane preparedness week! Yesterday's topic was hurricane history, today it is the deadly storm surge (don't miss the nifty animation).