This is turning out to be one of the more tenaciously tedious (tediously tenacious?) stretches of weather that has hit the city in quite a while. The high temperature over the last five days has been either 36, 37 or 38 degrees. Look for highs in the same range through Friday. To break the boredom we can expect blustery conditions beginning tonight and lasting until Friday.

The wind and the steady, cool temperatures are both the result of nothing much happening in the atmosphere. There's a big storm over the Atlantic that's churning away but not going anywhere and there's a giant lump of a cold air mass centered over Winnepeg that's not having any success in displacing the Atlantic storm. Sometimes the atmosphere just gets stuck.

The earliest the logjam can break is this weekend. It appears that a storm will form along the Gulf Coast on Saturday. If so, that will finally drag the high pressure eastward, resulting in a cold, but not snowy Christmas. Look for weekend highs around the freezing mark. It is too early to say with much certainty but the preliminary odds are that the storm will move up the Atlantic Coast, bringing with it the chance of snow early next week.