Okay, we sort of screwed up on yesterday's forecast as the storm stayed further north than everyone thought it would. Lucky for Gothamist the forecast for today and tomorrow is much easier: sunny, breezy and cooler.

Today's high temperature depends on a heating by the sun vs. cold arctic air smackdown. Judging from the temperature and dew point trends it looks like cold arctic air is going to win. The forecast high of 35 was reached before sunrise. The best the sun can do is slow down the speed at which the air cools during the day today. After a chilly start tomorrow will be much more pleasant, with a high temperature in the upper-30s.

The forecast becomes much more difficult starting Sunday afternoon. Initially there's another storm approaching from the west. That will probably be followed by a secondary low pressure system forming off the coast. Surface temperatures may reach the lower-40s, but above the ground they will be closer to the rain-snow line. What this means is we can expect a rain-snow mix Sunday afternoon and evening, maybe changing to snow Sunday night, before changing back to a mix on Monday.

This morning's visible satellite image, showing clear skies over NYC, snow on the ground and ice on the Great Lakes, from