If you planned to celebrate Mother’s Day relishing the last of the cherry blossoms or picnicking in one of the city’s newly-verdant greenspaces, think again.

Meteorologists predict unseasonably cold temperatures, nearly twenty degrees below a typical May day, and steady rainfall throughout much of the weekend.

“It might be better to find some plans for indoors,” warned meteorologist Brian Ciemnecki, with the National Weather Service. “This weekend looks to be quite cool and wet.”

The rain started Friday morning and is expected to remain steady throughout the day Saturday, with up to two inches falling. Temperatures that reached a delightful 74 degrees earlier this week, will plummet into the low fifties, with gusty winds that will make it feel even colder.

A low pressure system from the south and a high pressure system from the north will collide over our region, delivering cool northeastern Atlantic breezes, according to Ciemnecki.

“The good news is for the start of the new work week we are gonna start seeing those temperatures rebound and some drier conditions,” he said, adding we could return back to the upper 60’s and 70’s throughout the course of the week.