The Nor'easter Bomb haunting us since last week is further out east, which means very little snow (yay!). But it's incredibly cold—with strong wind gusts, it's feeling like a polar vortex:

There are some flurries, but not much to report. The local National Weather Service for NY had this cool graphic:

As for the snow storm, it's hitting Cape Cod with 66 mph winds!'s David Epstein wrote, "This morning we find the big ocean storm intensifying rapidly as predicted. I think it’s good thing this storm is so far offshore, as had it come a hundred miles closer I’d likely have no power and be stuck inside all day. The size of this storm is dangerous and while I love a good snowstorm, this one had the potential to do some real damage and bring southern New England to a standstill. But, the storm isn't close to us so it's really a non-event for almost everyone."

Anthony Sagliani, meteorologist for Accuweather, Tweeted a link to this animation of the "troughs phase.