Oh noes, it's the coldest day since May! It looks like today's high temperature will fail to reach 60 degrees for the first time since May 12th. A dawdling low pressure system off the Delaware coast and high pressure over the Midwest are conspiring to bring plenty of clouds and gusty northerly winds to the city today. Down near the ground there's still a decent gap between the air and dew point temperatures. That gap is keeping precipitation to a drizzle right now but somewhat heavier rain will arrive later today as the humidity increases.

Coastal lows will be the city's constant companion the next couple of days. The current system is going to move inland only to be followed by the development of a secondary system. That's all to say we're in for cool, cloudy, drizzly, rainy weather through Wednesday. Highs the next two days will be in the mid 60s.

Unlike Seattle, high pressure will sweep away the moisture on Thursday. The end of the week may be on the cool side but it looks like temperatures may rebound to the 70s for the weekend. That's under sunny skies too!