Does anybody remember that really cold day we had last weekend? Neither do we because since then the temperature has been running more than ten degrees above normal. Fun cherry-picked fact: The temperature of 37 of the last 41 days have been at or above normal. Thanks to this week's warm spell the current month is on pace to be the fifth warmest December ever recorded. Thanks to this morning's cold front passage that probably won't happen, though we'll probably stay in the top ten.

Behind the front today's temperatures will hold steady or slowly fall into the lower 40s by evening. The clouds will dissipate as the leftover moisture gets pushed out of the region. Tomorrow is going to be a mostly sunny and cool day with a high 40 degrees which, believe it or not, is normal for late December. Santa will bring slightly warmer weather for Christmas Day. The city may see a few clouds, but a cold front Sunday night won't do much of anything to the temperature. The generally west-to-east flow of the jet stream means all of next week is expected to run about five degrees warmer than normal.

AccuWeather still really, really wants us to have a white Christmas, even if it occurs after Christmas. We don't understand that or exactly how they think lake effect snow will fall along the East Coast from Boston to DC. The more reality-based forecasts says the next potentially significant weather maker to