The chef at a Staten Island steakhouse known for being a police hangout has been arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover detective. Thomas "TJ" Gleason, 34, a chef at Ruddy & Dean—which is located just one block from the 120 Precinct and the state Supreme Court building—was hit with felony drug dealing charges after purportedly selling $100 of coke at the bar.

According to the Advance, when the officer told Gleason he needed "$100 of powder" on Jan. 14, the chef stated: "I'm out. I'll make a call. Wait by the bar and I'll let you know when he's here." Gleason reportedly called someone named "Pookie." An hour and a half later, Ralph Fleischmann, 40, arrived, and according to court documents, "both defendants engaged in a transaction underneath the bar ledge."

Ruddy & Dean owner Danny Mills insists his eatery is a "clean place," and said the chef has since been fired. "He made a silly decision, helping a guy he didn't know. And there are consequences," Mills said. "He made that choice, and for that he lost his job."