Some people just never learn, we guess? Just months after he finished a 20 year prison stint for shooting his estranged wife, 72-year-old Charles Baeza was arrested last night for allegedly trying to buy a gun and a silencer to snuff out his girlfriend.

Police say that while haggling over the price of the gun with an undercover cop, Staten Islander Baeza talked up his murderous plan as well as his motive. He allegedly said he wanted to kill his 52-year-old lady friend because she had not paid him back for $5,000 in dental work.

Twenty-one years ago to the day, Baeza shot and killed his estranged wife, Ruth, in Queens. He was caught by a Virginia state trooper after fleeing New York with the body in the back seat. When the trooper noticed it and asked him to wake his wife up Baeza reportedly said "I can't, she's dead."

Baeza, who faces up to seven years in prison if convicted for the gun charges, pleaded not guilty. On his way out of court, he said, "It was just a joke!"