At his sentencing yesterday, convicted rapist Ralph DiMassi yelled at the Brooklyn judge for issuing an order of protection against him on top of sentencing him to 70 years in prison. He shouted, "You gimme 70 years so how am I gonna see her?" But the judge showed no sympathy for DiMassi, who was found guilty of raping a woman in her Bay Ridge apartment in 2008. The victim said at the sentencing, "It was the most degrading, humiliating and horrifying experience of my life."

DiMassi has spent about 21 of the past 23 years in prison for violent robberies, and had been out for just 108 days when he attacked the victim, raping her and stealing her cell phone before fleeing. DiMassi still claims he is innocent, telling the court the victim set him up and that the sex was completely consensual. He told the Post, "Today an innocent man is being sent to prison."