Richard Izquierdo pleaded guilty nearly a year ago to embezzling almost $200,000 from SBCC Management Corporation, a city- and federally-funded nonprofit group that manages low-income housing in the South Bronx. The former president of the nonprofit, Izquierdo spent the stolen funds on lavish meals and vacations to Puerto Rico. This would be just an ordinary day in Corruptionland, but here's the twist: Izquierdo is still receiving his $84,000 state salary as chief of staff to Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo.

Assemblywoman Arroyo is his grandmother, who controlled the nonprofit with her daughter City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Izquierdo's aunt. Much of the embezzled money had gone towards the two pols' campaigns and new office flooring. While lawmakers can't receive salaries when convicted, mere staffers can, explaining (at least logistically) Izquierdo's continued paycheck.

Naturally, it doesn't end there. Last month, parents at a charter school run by Izquierdo filed a civil suit against the chairman for being aware yet failing to do anything about a 3rd-grader being allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted by a teacher at the school.

Izquierdo resigned from chairman of the South Bronx Charter School for International Culture and the Arts in the wake of his, well, becoming a felon. A charter school and a nonprofit? The lack-of-oversight epic will be completed when someone finds the column in the school budget discreetly labeled "booze cruise." According to the Post, Izquierdo is scheduled to be sentenced June 25, and faces up to 10 years in prison.