sakai2.jpgStephen Sakai was sentenced to 50 years to life after his conviction of murdering two men he worked with; he was acquitted in a third killing. The bouncer has yet to stand trial for the 2006 shooting of several patrons outside of the Chelsea nightclub. Sakai was convicted of stabbing 56-year-old Wayne Tyson to death in September 2005 and then executing Edwin Mojica with a shot to the back of the head just two months later.

Police were able to connect Sakai to the three murders when he was questioned after allegedly shooting patrons outside the bar Opus 22. For some reason Sakai mentioned the year-old killings to police, although he claims that he was drugged by a crooked cop and forced to sign a pre-written confession.

The murder trial was a strange affair, with Sakai taking the stand in his own defense. He testified in an affected thick Asian accent ("During this trial, I've had to sit there and listen to rie after rie") and considered himself a self-styled ninja in training. Born Stephen Sanders, there is no indication that the man has any actual Asian background. When Mojica's sister made a statement, she said, "Stephen Sanders, I will not give you the honor of calling you by a name that represents honor and pride...You are not a man of honor. You are a coward."

Later this month, he will stand trial for killing one man and injuring three others when he opened fire on them with a handgun while working at Opus22.