An inmate currently serving time in federal prison confessed to the four-year-old murder of an elderly Queens supermarket owner on Friday.

DNAinfo reports that 40-year-old Harry Pacheco was charged with murder after a March testimony during another trial, which implicated him in the killing of 89-year-old Demaso Llano.

In March 2012, Llano was found dead with trauma to his face and his hands bound at his home in Corona. Llano, a Cuban immigrant, was one of three owners of El Mundo Supermarket, located around the corner from the apartment where his body was found.

Llano was a fixture in his community and still worked shifts at the store before being murdered. Lucy Schilero, a neighborhood activist who knew Llano, said she suspected the killer knew him. "He would never just let a stranger in," she told Gothamist in 2012.

This March, during a trial against former associate Ryan Quashie, Pacheco reportedly told a jury that he and an accomplice named Jesse dressed as police officers and entered Llano's apartment building through a backyard basement entrance. They knocked on his door and identified themselves as police, but the victim quickly figured out they were lying.

"Jesse grabbed ahold of him and put him in a chokehold," Pacheco said. He and Jesse then tied the elderly man to a chair, tased and beat him when he tried to break free, and searched his home for valuables.

"I tried to tie his hands and I couldn't control his hands," Pacheco reportedly told a court. "So I tasered the man approximately two or three times. I still couldn't get him to stop screaming or hold his hands together, so I hit him in the face about two times. Then he laid still, moaning."

Pacheco said that when he and his accomplice left Llano's house empty-handed, the man was still alive. He later found out about the man's death by watching the news.

In 2012, Pacheco was arrested after a string of at least 14 bank robberies in which he would threaten tellers by banging a snub-nose revolver against the glass. He pleaded guilty to the robberies and was sentenced to five years in prison, but reached a deal with federal officers in 2013 that would grant him a minimum of 10 years in prison for other robberies and home invasions he committed in Queens.

The deal included testifying against his former accomplice Ryan Quashie, with whom he committed a series of robberies and home invasions while dressed as police or cable repairmen. Quashie was not with Pacheco at the time of Llano's death, but was convicted for several other robberies in Queens, according to the Daily News.

Llano's family was told about Pacheco's confession on Friday. "We're just relieved as a family that justice has been done," his son Eddie Llano told the News.