2007_01_clinnyt.jpgHillary Clinton, the junior Senator from New York, make the cover of the local papers after announcing her entry into the 2008 presidential race, by way of starting an exploratory committee. The NY Post proclaims Hill's "Chat" is in the Ring, referring to how she, on her web video, says she's "beginning a conversation" with American voters. The Daily News says, Hillary makes herstory, noting the history she'd make if she were elected as the first female President. But Newsday gets straight to to point and wonders if she can win. The NY Times puts the news on the front page, but there's no picture; however, the Times says that with Clinton in the mix, the 2008 race is "truly under way."

The Daily News looks at her ascent into politics. Clinton's staffers are trying to emphasize her one-on-one skills. Of course, the Republican party loves that she's entered the race, in spite of her strong potential to win. and the NY Times analyzes that Clinton's success in the 2008 is no sure thing.

If you look at Hillary's website, you'll see there are a number of "conversations" scheduled this week as 7PM. The Daily News says New York women are thrilled with her stepping into the race, and we hear some people have already joined "Team Hillary" and/or become "HillRaisers." But money man George Soros is now backing Barack Obama.