Ghetto Tracker, a website that tells your wholesome but fun-loving white family whether you're in danger of entering The Ghetto, has returned to the web after a brief hiatus, once again enabling locals to "rate which parts of town are safe and which ones are unsafe."

The website came under fire last week for being overtly racist, but creator David Foster defended the name (after changing it, briefly, to "Good Part of Town"), telling Fox that he's only trying to keep people safe! “I see it like this, what if we draw attention to this area and a kid sees it and wants to bring change," he said. "He decides to create a neighborhood watch, maybe it will prompt change.”

For all the fuss, the site itself isn't remotely reliable, its rankings sporadic and reflecting little to do with a given neighborhood's actual crime rates. (Nolita=Below Average. HUH.) The question is: When are we, as a people, going to let the overabundance of inane interactive maps die and go back to focusing on the real gems, like public urination?