Family members protested at Ground Zero, asking that Mayor Bloomberg involve the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in the renewed search for remains from September 11, 2001. Local politicians like Representative Carolyn Maloney and City Councilman Alan Gerson support the families, but Mayor Bloomberg feels it's the "city's responsibility. We're not going to walk away from our responsibility and let somebody else bear the pressure of the work." The families argue that in spite of the new search plans, the search needs more supervision and oversight.

And three people have been identified from previously found remains (not from this search) at the World Trade Center site. The NY Times reports that the city's ME's office matched American Airlines Flight 11 flight attendant Karen Martin and passenger Douglas Stone, as well as an unnamed person, were matched to DNA samples from the victims' families.

The NY Times has an editorial about the search for remains today: "There must be an accurate, detailed and comprehensive search. But there is no reason that construction and a renewed search cannot proceed together."

Photograph of Beverly Eckert, Valerie Barbella and James Barbella, protesting that the military be brought in for the WTC remains searches, by Frank Franklin II/AP