Old Farmer's Almanac SunAccuWeather and the National Weather Service continue to agree this week. The weather for today and tomorrow should be about as lovely as you could possibly imagine. Saturday will be sticky and hot. Perfect for the beach!

One forecaster that disagrees with AccuWeather and the NWS is the Old Farmer's Almanac. Last year's edition, their 212th, predicted "T-storms, very warm" for the 23rd-28th. Not too good Old Farmer's Almanac.

Despite the lack of forecast accuracy, Gothamist adores the Old Farmer's Almanac and has a copy of every issue since the era of mood rings and pet rocks. Last night, while making an impulse purchase of a book we do not need at St. Marks Bookshop Gothamist saw the 2005 edition of the Almanac and bought that as well. For what it's worth the Almanac is calling for a cold, snowy winter in New York.

The Almanac doesn't just have weather forecasts. This year's edition also has an article on the ocean's effect on climate; tips on growing tomatoes, becoming a genius, and winning at pet shows and county fairs. Among the pertinent facts we have learned by browsing through the Almanac are: ice needs to be 7.5 inches thick before it is safe enough to drive a car onto; April originates from the Latin aperio "to open (bud)"; and the time to plant beets and carrots is when dandelions are blooming. Finally, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac website, snow flurries fell in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England on this day in 1885.