The blast that created a huge hole in a Bronx high school was apparently caused by a construction's worker lit match. Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "It was a mistake, and obviously a very costly one. There’s no question from what we are seeing (that) there seems to be a real error in judgement."

Just after 8 p.m. on Thursday night, an explosion rocked Marble Hill. Three construction workers hired to improve a science lab at J.F.K. High School were injured. According to NBC New York, "The worker was installing a tabletop gas valve as part of a science lab construction project on the sixth floor of the building, and he lit the match to check to see if the gas was working, sparking the explosion...The room had been filled with gas from work throughout the day but the worker apparently didn't detect the smell of gas because he had been desensitized to it."

One junior was incredulous about the blast, telling the Post, "That’s ridiculous! I guess he didn’t watch that many cartoons to know if you light a match around gas, it goes boom.”

The plumber who lit the match was the most seriously injured. The Daily News reports, "Luigi Barillaro, 36, remained in critical condition in the hyperbaric chamber at Jacobi Hospital with burns over 90% of his body and damaged lungs... A neighbor said the family was keeping a grim vigil at the Bronx hospital for Barillaro."

The school will not be ready for the first day of classes on September 9th; the 3,000 students at the seven schools in the building will be sent to other locations.