A little past noon yesterday, a building collapsed at 1173 Stratford Avenue in the Bronx. According to WCBS 2, "Officials say crews were renovating the first floor" when support columns fell. "Firefighters had to rescue one of the workers who was trapped beneath six feet of rubble. He was taken to Jacobi Hospital in serious condition." Now it's reported that the worker died.

Firefighters found Muhamed Kebbeh, 51, under six feet of bricks and debris. of Story Avenue in the Bronx, died at Jacobi Medical Center shortly after the accident. City Room says, "About a dozen pillars in the basement of a two-story commercial building had given way, causing the structure to collapse. Two other construction workers escaped unharmed."

A witness outside told NY1, "Something hit me, like, you know. That's when I looked up and it was just like shaking, and it just fell down." The FDNY said, "It doesn't appear to be [weather related]. It appears to be a construction problem." One neighbor suggested that it was because one of the beams was rotten.