070108rappel.jpgAh, Spring. A time when some men woo women with flowers and fancy dinners, while others simply rappel off their roofs and through their windows. The Post has an exclusive on a lovesick construction worker who became so enamored with an unidentified Upper West Side woman that he decided to take his courtship to a repellent level (ha!) by swinging into her apartment through her bathroom window.

The suspect, 29-year-old Flavio Quito, became smitten with the 36-year-old resident of a 10th floor apartment on West 76th Street while doing work on the building between February and May. But when he opened his heart to the object of his desires, she recoiled. Quito persisted, and she told him to stop approaching her, calling her, sending cards, flowers and adorable plush bears. The final straw came when she returned home on May 15th to find her bathroom window broken.

Some five weeks later, the police tracked down Quito, who confessed to rappelling off the roof and through the window. (Apparently he lost his nerve and left before she came home.) Quito’s currently out on $5,000 bail; he’s charged with burglary, stalking and a complete lack of skills.