A construction worker has been accused of taking a video of a 23-year-old woman while she showered in her SoHo apartment, according to the NY Post.

The tabloid reports that the worker, 44-year-old Edward Garcia, allegedly took the illicit videotape of the unidentified woman on June 12th. Garcia was reportedly working on the roof of her building, and had stuck his cell phone on a bucket outside her bedroom window. When the victim came out of her shower at around 7:15 a.m., she spotted the cell phone and discovered it had been recording her for 20 minutes; by the time she called the cops, the suspect had fled the scene.

She also found a number of selfies on the phone believed to have been taken by the suspect. The construction company hired to work on her building's roof surveyed its employees to see if they matched any of the photos. Workers and building residents told the Post that the company the suspect worked for was no longer involved in the building's construction. “They asked us if we have ever saw this guy running around,” one worker told the tabloid. “But he does not work for us.”

It appears no arrests have been made; Garcia was last known to have lived in New Jersey.