We understand that in New York City, good real estate is stretched to within an inch of its life. Studios are turned into two-bedrooms with the cunning use of walls, people will live in windowless bedrooms if it means they can be in the East Village. Hell, someone might even pay to live on a rooftop if they get to brag about having a balcony. This is what we're guessing is going on at the back of 14 Bayard Street.

The front balcony (left) looks as if it could serve a purpose to someone on that ledge (more photos here), but it looks like somebody got a little too excited about installing balconies. New York Shitty asked, "Is this like in Albania where they used to simply leave the top unfinished with rebar sticking out so they can come back and add another floor later?" There's currently a stop work order on the building for something else. But once the building hits the market, we're sure that balcony will go fast. Think of the kitsch factor!