watchyourstep.jpgA Queens man died yesterday from head injuries sustained after he fell into a fifteen-foot-deep hole Con Ed workers had dug to place an underground transformer. Darryl Kahn, a 64-year-old retired pharmacist from Forrest Hills, was returning from an OTB betting parlor in broad daylight Friday when he fell.

Exactly how he fell into the hole was unclear. Con Ed workers told police they had warned Kahn to stay away from the clearly marked and barricaded construction zone but he didn't listen.

"We don't know why this pedestrian squeezed into the area and how he fell . . . but he was in an area he shouldn't have been," said Con Ed spokesman Joe Petta.

Police are speculating that Kahn may have been drunk at the time, but his family insists the man did not drink. They are considering a lawsuit.

(Image from CAUTION WATCH YOUR STEP, by Triborough at flickr)