There are a couple construction-related accidents today. WNBC reports that a construction worker fell off the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge around 1:38PM: "A retaining wall on the edge of a bridge roadway under construction had collapsed, but it was unclear if the worker had fallen from that area." The SI Advance reports that the worker is "believed to have fallen on the Brooklyn-side, landing on the ground near the entrance to Fort Hamilton Army Base." We're hearing that the BQE and Belt Parkways have heavy delays, and local streets in Bay Ridge are also getting congested. Update: A firefighter tells the AP the worker was on a wooden catwalk, off the lower span, when the "[concrete] Jersey barrier somehow fell over onto the catwalk, causing the worker to fall.''

UPDATE: We're getting reports that the lower level westbound (S.I. bound) of the Verrazano is closed right now due to the accident and traffic in all other lanes is moving very slowly.


And aboutmattlaw took this photograph of a scaffolding collapse on 52nd Street between 7th and Broadway around 2:30PM. It's unclear if anyone was injured, but it's quite a mess. Update: From WNBC: "The incident happened when work crews, as high as 14 stories, were adding bricks to a high rise. A board the bricks were resting on collapsed down to the street." At least one person is injured.

Top photograph from WNBC; bottom photograph by aboutmattlaw on Flickr