The MTA is making sure the hipsters remain contained in Williamsburg, with the number of service delays on the weekends and lates night until 2005. As for why the work is taking so long and requires weekend shutdowns, one MTA spokesperson, Charles Seaton, maintains that "this work requires the vision that's available during the day" - despite the fact that much work will be done during late nights, underground. While there are other, more roundabout ways of getting to Manhattan or vice versa, like shuttle buses, many Williamsburgies feel trapped.
Hipster Handbook author Robert Lanham tells the Post, "It's like the Cuban missile blockade when they shut the L. Being closed off from Manhattan gives us cabin fever. If you want thrift shops you're in the right place. But if you want to see a movie, you're lost." The rest of the article continutes as a way for other residents to vent: There are no gyms, all you can do is eat or drink in Williamsburg, the lack of banks. Hey...weren't those the things you liked about Williamsburg? It being this vast, unsullied area? Gothamist will find that out over email or by checking some Williamsburg dwelling bloggers' site or when you come to meet us, 'cause we ain't setting foot in Williamsburg without the L.

Free Williamsburg will just be free to itself.