If the Internet was made for anything besides cat videos, it was for spreading, analyzing and parsing conspiracy theories. And here's the hottest new one, which stems from the video clip below: did Mitt Romney have a cheat sheet during Wednesday night's debate? Or was this another mysterious Bush bulge? Put on your aluminum hat and watch below.

Daily Kos takes the whole clip apart piece by piece if you want to really dive into it. But a Romney aide told Buzzfeed the object was merely "a handkerchief." The Atlantic has a close up of Romney's upper lip and, which did indeed look RUDDY.

But there's another conspiracy theory in the making, this time courtesy of Sarah Palin, who whispered crazy nothings to Sean Hannity about it: "if Mitt Romney continues to gain and gain and gain just by being truthful and experienced and intelligent, and doing a good job as a presidential candidate, these guys in the Obama camp, they're not gonna go down without swinging. They're gonna pull something, Sean." Already, Cassandra Palin's predictions are coming to pass: just look what Obama's team pulled today with the 47% comments, forcing Romney to apologize for comments he previously said multiple times he thought were dead right. What a dastardly political move!

While you mull all these conspiracies over, sheeple, you should try asking yourself some more hard questions, like: What does Big Bird have on Mitt Romney? Since when do kitchen appliances have political affiliations? And has anyone actually seen Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon in the same room together?