According to a CBS/New York Times poll, Herman Cain is besting Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential race, 25% to 21%. Cain is hoping to build on his success with this brilliant art house campaign ad released on Sunday night.

Shot and conceived by Ingmar Bergman a kid that Cain's staff found huffing glue in the restroom of a Radio Shack, the ad features Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, describing in vivid detail why his boss should have access to the launch codes of Trident D5 nuclear ICBMs. Cain closes the ad with the same smile that he modeled for the cover of the movie Leprechaun 3.

But for whatever reason, conservative columnist John Podhoretz is not pleased! "This is a serious time. It requires serious leaders…this ad is a humiliating embarassment," Podhoretz writes in the Post. What a Philistine! Block is clearly smoking because after all those torrid reforms Cain will do to the country, America is gonna need a cigarette and maybe a some scrambled eggs.

Block later spoke to Serious Journalist Megyn Kelly defending the ad: "I would personally encourage people not to smoke, but as people on the staff said, ‘Just let Block be Block.’” He continued, “I’m not the only one who smokes in America, for God’s sake—it’s just a choice that I’ve made, and it was at the end of the ad.”

In fairness to Cain, the ad's outtakes included Block eating a double Big Mac, inserting a pinch of Copenhagen into his upper lip, ripping off the "Do Not Remove" label from a mattress, and putting his cigarette out into the ice cream cone of a six-year-old girl.