For the second time this week, a man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill cops while on the phone.

According to The Connecticut Post, Bridgeport resident Alexander Rosa, 28, allegedly made threats to kill police officers and their families to a 911 dispatcher on Friday. "To the police officers all over the United States, fair warning. You guys keep killin’ people, innocent people. We’re gonna find your mothers, daughters, sons and we’re gonna kill ‘em in front of you. We’re gonna find you. We’re gonna find you all and we’re gonna kill you all," he reportedly said.

Rosa, who has previously been arrested for assaulting officers and domestic violence, was charged with second-degree threatening and second-degree harassment. Rosa was detained on $75,000 bail and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

A man named Alexander Rosa, also from Bridgeport, was shot in the leg in February in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, 38-year-old Elvin Payamps was arrested on weapons charges after a good Samaritan allegedly overheard him making threats on the phone in a TD Bank in Queens, including, "another cop should be killed before Christmas. It should be a white cop." Payamps argued that his outburst was merely "an opinion" and was protected as free speech.